Tout Va Bien

Tout Va Bien 3rd Edition is a comprehensive and engaging resource for teaching Leaving Certificate French.


 Created by  experienced author Dervla Murphy, Tout Va Bien gives focus to the four core language learning skills and provides effective preparation for all aspects of the French Leaving Certificate exam. 

Mixed abilities and learning styles

  • Oral, Reading and Writing comprehensions developed for mixed abilities
  • Differentiated exam style questions
  • Learning Outcomes at the beginning of each chapter
  • Assessment for learning in each chapter, including group work, pair work and self-evaluation

Vive la France

  • Authentic French Literary comprehensions
  • Journalistic comprehensions
  • Contemporary topics
  • A thematic approach focused on the balanced development of the core language learning skills
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Effective Exam Preparation

Oral & Aural

  • Useful phrases, verb tables, vocabulary lists and exercises
  • Advice on preparing a Document
  • Mock oral exam videos
  • Grammar and oral practice in Cahier d'exercices (now in A4 size)
  • Listening comprehensions in each chapter
  • Listening tracks with native speakers

Reading & Writing

  • Question d'examen - with sample answers
  • Guidelines for key writing formats
  • Astuces (tips)
  • Grammar definitions, examples and practice
  • Wide-range of vocab and useful expressions



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Time-saving Digital Teaching resources

  • Podcasts of audio tracks in each chapter
  • Mock oral exam videos with transcripts and worksheets
  • Grammar PowerPoints
  • Downloadable solutions for exercises in the textbook and Cahier d'exercices
  • Downloadable audio script
  • eBook with embedded audio tracks

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