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  • Saves you time

  • Comprehensive Teacher’s Guide and editable lesson plans

  • Follows an integrated, thematic approach 





The Starlight components can be purchased individually or together as a full programme.

Junior Infants - 2nd Class

  • Follows a thematic approach
  • Editable lesson plans aligned to the curriculum.
  • Supports differentiation 
  • Effective use of digital and print resources for whole-class teaching and guided and independent practice.
  • Termly assessments available for Senior Infants, 1st and 2nd Class.
  • A wide variety of genres are covered
  • Structured and Integrated Approach to Genre Writing for 1st & 2nd Class
  • Fun to Teach and Learn!

3rd - 6th Class

  • Every unit integrates oral language, reading and writing around a specific genre and theme
  • Editable lesson plans aligned to the curriculum.
  • Supports differentiation
  • Termly assessments available 
  • A wide variety of genres are covered
  • Structured approach to writing
  • Strong focus on comprehension skills and strategies
  • Support for Whole-School Planning

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Dr. Áine Cregan shares her thoughts on Oral Language and Starlight

Check out some sample pages from our 3rd-6th Class Teacher's Guide

3rd Class 6th Class
Sample Reading & Writing Lesson plan Sample Reading & Writing Lesson plan

What do teachers think of Starlight Oral Language?

Themes and Genres Video

Starlight integrates Oral Language, Reading and Writing under the same theme & genre. Find out how in our short explainer video.