Smart Business

SMART Business is the complete teaching solution for Junior Cycle Business Studies.

SMART Business a clearly structured programme that will make Junior Cycle Business Studies easy for teachers to teach and for students to learn.

Teach with confidence

Created by John Taylor, author of EuroBusiness

Practical structure gives chapters divided into bite-sized topics

Relatable and engaging for students

  • Strong case-study focus in Student Learning Log
  • Encourages students to generate ideas and consider the choices they make
  • Reflection pages in Student Learning Log dive self-assessment

 Practice, Practice, Practice!

  • Extensive practice in the textbook with 'Activate Your Knowledge', 'Take the Challenge!' and graded 'Test Yourself' questions
  • Comprehensive Student Learning Log with questions that test knowledge and develop critical thinking 

Teaching Supports

Planning Support

  • Teacher's Guide included yearly plans, suggested units of learning, and chapter-by-chapter teaching suggestions
  • Textbook chapters outline learning outcomes, learning intentions, keywords and key concepts


Digital that brings Business Studies to life

  • Editable PowerPoints for every chapter
  • Termly eNewsletters with timely, topical content
  • Editable Excel files for all the account examples
  • Step-through accounts
  • Quizzes
  • Weblinks

Assessment Support

  • Questions based on SEC sample paper and the NCCA's sample-question list
  • Self-assessment and reflection are key features of the Student Learning Log
  • The Student Learning Log prompts ideas for the Business in Action project (CBA1) and Presentation (CBA2)


Solution Support

  • Comprehensive solutions to questions in the textbook and Student Learning Log

Digital Resources

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