Skills for Life

Skills for Life is the complete teaching solution for the new Junior Cycle Home Economics specification.


Written by experienced authors Carmel Enright and Maureen Flynn with consultant reviewer Maria Hickey. Skills for Life is fully aligned to the new specification and outlines the Junior Cycle key skills that will be developed in each chapter.

The Teacher's Guide and digital content provides teachers with essential time-saving planning supports.


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Teach with confidence

  • Fully aligned to the new specification - the textbook follows the strand structure
  • Junior Cycle key skills highlighted in each chapter and related to Home Economics
    • e.g. Think, pair share & group work - working with each other and communication skills
  • Clear coverage of new topics e.g. food sustainability 
  • Dedicated chapters for classroom based assessment and final exam
  • Caters for mixed ability teaching with (colour coded) graded questions and extension activities for early finishers
  • Skills and Learning Log provides knowledge reinforcement, practice, revision and encourages self-assessment


Teacher's Guide

  • Comprehensive curriculum explanation
  • Suggested yearly plans
    • cater for sequential or topical teaching
  • Chapter teaching plans 
    • mapped to learning intentions, learning outcomes and success criteria
  • Quick reference to digital resources
  • A clear, flexible planning guide for each year
  • Comprehensive topic plans
  • Active methodologies and assessment ideas
  • Wellbeing indicators

Skills & Learning Log

  • Records learning over three years
  • Active learning methodologies 
  • Self-assessment activities
  • Knowledge reinforcement
  • Revision
  • Caters for mixed-ability learning


Digital supports

  • Editable chapter powerpoints
  • Recipe powerpoints
  • Termly eNewsletters keeps learning topical

Sample units of work

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