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My Life is the complete solution for teaching SPHE for the Junior Cycle.

We understand that your time is limited and planning for SPHE and searching for resources can be time-consuming. That's why we've created an all-encompassing programme for SPHE Junior Cycle. My Life is suitable for teaching either the SPHE short-course specification or the SPHE syllabus.

Lessons are structured to suit either syllabus and are designed so they can be completed within your SPHE teaching time allocation.

Programme Includes:

  • Student Activity Book

  • Teacher's Guide

  • eBook

  • Digital Resources

My Life SPHE

Make the most of your time with our Teacher’s Guide!

Our Teacher’s Guide provides everything you need to plan and teach the subject with confidence and truly engage your students – without having to search for any extra resources.

My Life SPHE Folens

Bring topics to life with our Digital Resources

Digital activities (accessible to teachers and students) are clearly signposted and integrated with the activity book, so teachers know when to use them and how to foster a truly engaging experience of the subject with students.

Digital Resources for Book 2 and 3 coming soon!

Expertise Guaranteed!

My Life is written by experienced SPHE teacher Stephanie Mangan. Stephanie has a long track record of producing top quality SPHE programmes and was the first author on the subject.