Bienvenue en France 4th Edition

Bienvenue en France  4th edition is the complete teaching solution
for the new Junior Cycle French specification.


The latest edition of Bienvenue en France is the complete teaching solution for Junior Cycle French. It is aligned to meet the needs of the new Modern Foreign Languages (MFL) specification, with extensive additional materials. This edition retains the elements that have made Bienvenue en France a firm favourite among French teachers and students.

Bienvenue en France will help students develop the essential skills for learning French, covering listening, spoken production, spoken interaction, reading and writing, ensuring students develop all skills in equal measure.


Bienvenue en France 4th Edition

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  • Clarity on the new MFL specification and the new assessment guidelines
  • Exam tips and advice on how to do well in CBAs (Classroom-Based Assessments), the AT (Assessment Task) and the Final Assessment
  • Invaluable planning tools and schemes of work, with year and suggested class planners
  • Sample exponents, and full audio scripts
  • Extra material for differentiation, including Travaux pratiques and extra AfL activities
Bienvenue en France

Mon Portfolio - the perfect place to prepare the Student Language Portfolio


Our A4, full-colour Portfolios for Books 1 & 2 fully complement the textbooks and include activities based on each chapter. The Portfolio contains comprehensive activities, each covering a number of skills, to help students become independent learners. It is the perfect basis for the Student Language Portfolio, helping students to keep a record of learning and samples of work for their CBAs.

Bienvenue en France

A Teacher's Review

Check out Language teacher and MFL enthusiast John Dunne's review of Bienvenue en France 4th edition.

MFL Specification Infographic

Download our handy MFL Specification infographic that breaks down the new MFL Specification for Junior Cycle into bite size pieces of information.