Active Maths

Active Maths 1, 2nd edition is part of the very successful Active Maths series, which is the leading choice for Maths in Ireland, and has been carefully revised to be fully aligned to the new specification.

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Programme Includes

  • Textbook and eBook

  • Teacher’s Solutions Book

  • Student Learning Log

  • Digital Resources

Specification Peace of Mind

  1. Learning outcomes are listed at the start of each chapter
  2. The planning and assessment section in the Teacher's Solutions Book will help teachers prepare for the new specification
  3. The Student Learning Log is a tool to help students reflect on their learning
  4. Cross strand questions interlink themes from the varying strands as part of the new Unifying Strand
Junior Cycle

Saving You Time

  • The Teacher's Solutions Book allows you to check solutions quickly
  • Chapter summary PowerPoints are ideal for class revision
  • Online termly newsletters provide you with additional content for your class

NEW Content to meet the needs of all students

  1. The attractive design and layout is more appealing to students
  2. The additional questions is the Student Learning Log cater for the full spectrum within the mixed-ability classroom
  3. Consistent chapter format in the textbook makes it easier for students to follow
Active Maths 1

Digital Resources

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