Active Maths

Active Maths 2, 2nd edition is part of the very successful Active Maths series,

which is the leading choice for Maths in Ireland and has been carefully revised to be fully aligned to the new specification.

Specification peace of mind

  • Cross strand questions interlink themes from the varying strands as part of the new Unifying Strand
  • Focus on conceptual understandings, procedural fluency, strategic competence, adaptive reasoning and productive disposition. 
  • Relevant learning outcomes are listed at the start of each chapter
  • The Student Learning Log provides a complete record of work and evidence of self-reflection

Saving You Time

  • Printed Teacher's Solutions Book 
    • 3-year planning for both ordinary and higher level course
    • Worked solutions for all textbook exercises
    • Examples of Units of Work
  • Digital Teaching Resources
    • Chapter summary PowerPoints
    • GeoGebra activities
    • Online newsletters with additional content

Digital teaching resources

Try digital resources from the 2nd Edition of the ever-popular Maths series.