Bienvenue en France 4th Edition

A World of Beliefs has everything you need to teach the new Junior Cycle Religious Education specification with ease!

Aligned to the Specification

  • Explores all five major world religions and their relationship to us, each other and the world.
  • Created with the ideals of diversity and inclusivity in mind.
  • Learning outcomes listed at the start of each chapter and referenced in every chapter of the Teacher’s Guide.
  • Coverage and support of Junior Cycle key skills development.
A World of Beliefs

Up-to-date content to meet the needs of students

  • The attractive, lively layout will appeal to Junior Cycle students.
  • Illustrations, photos, maps, film posters and books are used to provoke discussion and insight.
  • Consistent chapter format in the textbook makes it easier to teach and easier for students to follow.
  • PowerPoints, multiple-choice questions and labelling exercises on FolensOnline provide opportunity for revision and self-reflection.
  • Termly eNewsletters with timely, topical content for the classroom.
A World Of Beliefs

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Expertise Guaranteed! 


A World of Beliefs has been created by expert author team Shuna Hutchinson Edgar and Mary-Deirdre Kinsella.

Shuna is already a published author in Religious Education, and Mary-Deirdre was a member of the syllabus committee that created the Junior Cycle Religious Education specification.

Planning and assessment support

  • Teacher’s Guide opens with a detailed planning section, including proposed calendars for three years of teaching and suggestions for units of work and how to create them.
  • Teacher’s Guide continues with detailed teaching tips and further topic information on every chapter, helping you to teach the specification the way you choose to.

Support for Differentiation

  • Carefully graded questions are divided into consistent, clear sections to suit mixed-ability classrooms. These sections are mapped to specific elements of the RE specification and range in difficulty from basic recall questions to discussions and debates on ethically challenging topics.
  • Ideas for project work are supplied.